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Widows and widowers

Widows and widowers

This is a group of men and women who have naturally been separated from their loved. The group was formed to help them go through the loss through sharing of life stories with each other. Although with a difficult beginning, the group has grown to over 80 members who come together monthly for prayers and also for workshops organized by Holy Cross Family Ministries.

The group has the intention of helping the individuals from grassroots by strengthening them economically. During their monthly meeting the to a common kitty some monetary contribution from where that can get soft loans and repay later.

This has helped the members to start small income generating activities which has boosted them economically and have also accelerated their participation not only in their home but also in the community.

The gropu is open for all widows and widowers who wish to embace new life and continue their productivity in a world where the cost of living is rising each and everyday.

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