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Childhood (PMC)

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The Pontifical Missionary Childhood (PMC) is a society that is under the patronage of the Holy Father (Pope) for the evangelization of the world. It concentrates its efforts on teaching the Catholic faith to children. Promoting their rights and providing assistance in situations where children are suffering due to various reasons. It operates worldwide through Bishops, clergy, religious and laity standing by the weak and the afflicted, the homeless, the sick and the rejected children so that they may know that all people matter in God’s eyes. Bugembe parish have seen a tremendous growth in this ministry.

  • Our activities include: 
    • Prayer: Inspired by HCFM Charism, the children pray for the church, for the missionaries and for the needs of the entire world
    • Offering: we practice the virtue of sacrifice for the poor children.
    • Formation: we educate, and practice works of charity of the universal Church and stimulate the children on the gift they have for helping other children in our society.
    • Information: we educate the children on how best to respond to the desires and knowing the world, how to be open to the values of the other cultures and instill in them the capacity of seeing Human being with the eyes of love of Jesus.
    • Sharing good things: we teach them how to share the things they receive from parents with others to enhance the Spirit of communion and love
    • Evangelization: we have the missionary zeal where we participate in the liturgy through singing and dancing. We welcome all children to come and share in this wonderful experience of spreading the good news of God and extend the reign of His Kingdom
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