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Bugembe Youth Family

Bugembe Youth Family

Bugembe Parish Youth Family (BYF) Apostolate

Bugembe Parish Youth Family (BYF) Apostolate was established to bring young people together in the service of Christ. Since then the group has grown to an impressive number of self-motivated young men and women who have experienced the love of Christ through sharing love and the word of God. The youth engage in sports, MDD, outreaches, retreats, youth seminars and conferences, tourism and eco-tourism, life skills and development-oriented projects.

The current Chaplain is Rev. Sr. Helen Wanjohi FMI


To follow the footstep of Christ, unite as the young generation so as to transform society through evangelization and social support.


A model apostolic movement in East Africa with all-round spiritually grown Catholic Youth serving God and their Country at Large.

Our Objectives:

  1. Enhance the Christian faith, Values of the youth and to apply principles of faith in their daily lives. Through helping them to lead an exemplary sacramental life by developing appreciation of the liturgical life and practices of the church.
  2. Empower the youth with hands on lifelong entreneurship to cope with the diverse and changing society.
  3. Establish Platforms for opportunities to appreciate our Cultural- intellectual heritage, organize youth led festivals, Cultural Gathering to create links between Christianity and Culture.

Composition and Leadership Hierarchy.

The Apostolate is led by a youth Chaplin with a supporting executive of 18 members led by the Sabavubuka and Nabavubuka. The executive has different offices ranging from Treasurer, Projects, Sports, Entertainment, Welfare, Liturgy, Communications and Publicity.

The youth group has currently a total number of more than 100 members composed of University Students, Self –employed, formally employed, unemployed, graduates etc. within the BUGEMBE area.  The group is open to new members for as long as one subscribes to the set values.

The BYF apostolate has got the youth choir that animates mass every FIRST Sunday of the month at Bugembe parish Church Jinja and we meet every Saturday for choir practice at Bugembe youth center. It has a male and female director who oversee the day today practice.

Core values: God Fearing, Transparency, Generosity, Charitable.

What we do:

We fellowship every first Sunday of the month to help our youths grow in various facets of life;

Activities Include: Re-treats and spiritual recollections., Charity Out Reaches, Fellowships, Animating and Ushering in Mass, Co-Curricular Activities, i.e. Sports, MDD etc. Investments and entrepreneurship engagements, Social talks and Deliberations, Leadership empowerment Training etc.

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