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HCFM Jinja


As Holy Cross Family Ministries-Jinja region with our offices based here in Holy Cross Parish – Bugembe we still commit ourselves to collaborate with the parish team to continue serving the people of God here in Bugembe, throughout the Diocese and beyond.   

Allow me once again re-eco some of the services we offer which one ought to benefit from, because we are here to serve all people of God. First and foremost, HCFM stands on three pillars viz; Family, Faith and Prayer. Whatever we do therefore, aims at helping us address those three aspects in the life of the Christians in their various settings and levels. Our services and activities therefore, are numerous and touching quite a number of areas. They include, though not limited to:

  • Marriage ministry, where we conduct marriage seminars, workshops and other trainings in the area of marriage. We offer pre-marital and post marital counselling. We also conduct general seminars and workshops for all people pertaining to family life. We as well do home visitations, small Christian community visitations and attend to issues that affect and compromise the quality of the Christian life of the people of God.
  • Youth ministry: Here we have programs that help the young people to live a purposeful, meaningful, focused and fruitful youthful life. These programs touch the spiritual, physical, and socio-economic and health related issues as well of a youth. We reach out to youth in Secondary Schools and other institutions of higher learning. Among the activities we carryout in those institutions besides the seminars, include; Peyton Prayer Guilds (PPGs), Try Prayer, it works! Annual competitions, counseling and career guidance. And for the youth who are not in school we organize seminars/ workshops and youth forum for them either at our offices, or they can even organize by themselves together with their chaplain and then invite us for facilitation in terms of giving teachings. Such programs have helped many youth in vocations discovery and identification of their calling and mission.
  • Children’s ministry: We have quite a number of programs and activities which help to nourish the faith of the children first, by helping them to appreciate their faith, dedicating them to our blessed holy mother Mary and embracing a prayerful life. These Children in long run become our ambassadors in their families by taking the life of prayer home. Among such programs include; Annual Rosary Rallies, Outreaches in primary Schools, Sunday school programs, teaching catechesis, Prayer and counselling, etc.
  • Counselling and Prayer. Every Thursday, we attend to people who come seeking counselling and prayer. This is done both at our offices, and at the church. At church during time for adoration which starts at 10:00am and is climaxed with mass at 5:00pm, HCFM team always has tables where people who need counselling, guidance and special prayers go and they are attended to.
  • Peyton Prayer Guilds (PPGs). These are programs of groups of people who dedicate themselves to honor the memory of Fr. Patrick Peyton CSC, founder of Holy Cross Family Ministries – International. They meet on a weekly basis to advance the prayer of the Rosary hence, “A powerful prayer is in your hands”. They also pray for the cause of the canonization of now Venerable Patrick Peyton CSC. We need to work with the Small Christian Community leaders to start such groups in the Christian communities, and revive those that were at one time existent but no longer functional. 
  • Media: We have two radio programs every week running at Radio Baba 87.7fm. These programs are aired on Friday and Sunday at 9:30pm – 10:00pm and 6:30am – 7:00am respectively. We intend to start another program on a day which will be communicated soon. This program is likely to be running for an hour on the same radio. We urge you to always tune to our programs because we tackle very pertinent issues which affect us in various aspects of life regardless of color, race, faith/religious affiliation, etc. We also urge you to visit our face book of hcfmjinja because some of our activities and teachings are posted there. Furthermore, we have a quarterly newsletter-The Heralds. You can always pass by our office and pick yourself a copy.
  • Studio. We have a well-equipped and standard studio for audio and visual recording and editing. Our charges are very friendly and negotiable.

Our offices are located at Rest House Road in Bugembe, adjacent Holy Cross Formation House. Our office is open on Tuesday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Come and profit from our services, refer or direct somebody to come. We are committed to serving the people of God in the best way we can. We have a dedicated staff, very knowledgeable and experienced in this field. 

With the Lord on our side, we can overcome every challenge that come our way. Always remember these slogans by our founder, Fr. Patrick Peyton: “The family that prays together, stays together”, “A powerful prayer is in your hand”, “A nation at prayer is a nation at peace”, “Try prayer, it works!”



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