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St. Kizito-Kalungami

St. Kizito Kalungami

The school if founded on catholic faith and is sponsored both privately and publicly. The school is situated in the rural areas of Kalungami in Jinja district. The school was established to cater for the need student of Kalunngami and its environs who could walk for long distances in search of the knowledge. Currently the school has about 250 children. The outstanding performance of the school makes it an option for many in the rural areas.

We strive to offer a whollistic education given the background of the students. We endevour to educate and expose the students minds and hearts to a wider view of the world. Our believe is that the children destiny is broader and brighter and it is possible to reach the targets given the right environment. We therefore offer a friendly yet compeling environment were the potential of a child is well cultivated.

The school has large field also for the development of children’s talents. We also have supportive staff who accompany the children in these activities

Beside academic work, the spiritual wellbeing of children is well taken care of. The school has mass every Tuesday and the student prepare for the liturgy.

We strve to bring the best in a child in a loving and caring manner.

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