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Holy Cross Parish Bugembe Choirs’ Association was initiated in 2016 by a committee chaired by Rev. Fr. Anorld Jawiyambe CSC, then curate responsible for choir’s affairs in the Parish. The Current executive committee is under the chairmanship of Mr. Apolo. The Association assists, advises and encourages cooperation between the choirs. It has an executive committee elected from the council which comprises five members from each member Choir.

The Association has registered numerous achievements including: -jointly performing on various occasions and winning diocesan, inter-PARISH and deaneries music festivals.

It has on a number of times sponsored some talented persons to upgrade their gifts in music. It encourages its members to live Christian lives. The following are the choirs from the parish

  1. St. Luke Choir
  2. St. Cecilia Praise and Worship Team
  3. St. Matia Mulumba Pilgrim Choir
  4. St. Agnes young Adults Choir
  5. Echoes of Mercy Choir
  6. Bugembe Youth Family
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